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Create your own brand for small business owners

Yes! It can be done. If you're a small business owner and want to create your own brand, the good news is that you can. Here's how. 1) Design a logo. 2) Next choose a font for heading and another for body copy. 3) Then you choose between two-four colours for your colour palette. 4) Go to Canva and design a few templates for sizes that you post regularly. Then, consistancy is key! Don't deviate away from anything. It can be tempting when you see another font or colour combo that you love, but this is a definate NO NO! The template style should be consistent too. If you're using photography, try get photos with similar lighting and style. And voila! That's it, you have your brand.

Some people don't have the time

If you're a busy business owner though, you might prefer to use a designer. It is money well invested as designers can bring your brand to the next level. It will save a lot of time too while your brand will look polished and professional. Expect to pay anything from €500 to €2000 or more for your small business for above. Designers might be able to suggest much more too, like brand strategy, copy style, illustration style, and more. But for now, wishing you the very best, if you're right at the very start and hoping to do it yourself.

If you're thinking of designing a brand, either by yourself or with a professional, I'd love to hear from you:

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