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Turning Inefficiencies into Efficiencies

Do you notice inefficiencies everywhere? Like when I found myself at an event and with just a 45 minute break and as everyone was eager to network and mingle, we headed to the bar to grab a quick drink to kickstart conversations. However, as we queued, the bar staff were oblivious to our wasted networking opportunities. Later that night, this got me thinking about other inefficiencies, especially within businesses.

Drawing parallels to my own industry, where I offer design and marketing solutions, I could see inefficiencies, which are robbing people not only of time but also of valuable energy.

I started contemplating how as a freelance designer I actually address some of these inefficiencies in the marketing departments and small businesses that I serve. For example, I’ve seen many marketing departments often turn to their in-house team or agencies for everything from small jobs to complex projects. But there is sometimes a better way. To quickly illustrate a point and draw from a recent experience where I needed my dishwasher fixed, I rang a local guy who charged €85, while Whirlpool had quoted €175 for the same work. A savvy move and a more efficient use of my family budget, would you agree? I also dealt with him directly and not through another person.

So, what's my point here?

If you're in marketing and find yourself with varying needs, there might just be a solution to saving precious time and money - and it’s to have a freelance designer on call, as well as the in-house team or agency. Yes, they can do it too, but by having a designer on call might just help in these ways…

💶 Cost Efficient: Freelancers operate with lower overheads, translating into practical savings

🌟 Prioritisation: Freelancers don't have rigid structures or queues that can slow things down

🤩 Simplicity: Communicate directly with the designer and relationships build quickly

Now, let's revisit that bar scenario. Imagine a freelance bartender off to the side, serving drinks (perhaps at a friendlier price) think of how I'd have had more time to mingle.

So, if you’d like to see how a freelance designer can help your workflow, we could Zoom, meet, or chat on the phone/email. I assure you, like many others, your marketing efforts are likely to become more efficient, saving you valuable time and resources along the way 😊✨

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